About Me

I am a sixth grade language arts teacher of twenty-one years experience. I have a BA in English and just recently received my MAEd/Teacher Leadership. My future professional goal is to gain my ELL credentials.  I am presently taking some time off from being a full-time student, myself.  Now that I am not having to read so much for academic purposes, as well as work every evening on my own school papers and projects, I am looking forward to a summer of reading for personal enjoyment which also flows into my YA classroom as well.

I am also pursuing more academic and creative writing at this time.  That is, of course, when my (born Sept 2014) kitten Thomas allows me to work at home.  For aside from being a teacher and writer, I am an animal lover who favors the company of felines.  Thomas, a foster that I took in from shelter because he was so stressed and feral, became “mine” after a few weeks of adjustment in my home.  He is named after the main character from James Dashner’s Mazerunner series.

My writing here will vary from my own creative thoughts and wonders to the struggles, stresses, and A-ha moments as a teacher.  Most of my entries here will focus on my life as a teacher, though, because my identity of teacher is so much of who I am.

Writing is my passion, and I have gained a wonderful PLN online through Twitter, but I will leave you with a business quote even though I do not look at this page as “my business.”

“If you see things I can improve upon here, please let me know.  If you like what I am saying here, please share with your friends.”

Thank you for stopping by!


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