Tuesday, 7/7/15

This is from a Quickwrite of just observing.  I took the experience of today’s tour of the Wild Horses of Corolla, NC.  Mine is not a typical point of view most of my fellow students are probably writing.


“Big human container. They all get out. Of course they do! All me and my girls wanted to do this morning was to cool off in the wet sand and surf.

Click. Click. Click. Yeah. I see you there, buddy. Step back a bit. You can move to the other side because I’m not moving. The breeze on the beach feels too good right here.

Ugh…Sand flies. Where is one of those annoying egret birds when you need one to take care of these critters on me? Yeah: Click. Click. Click. I see you, too, lady. Do you see my ears? I’m not happy.

This is MY walking space and that’s-

There you go. You go it! But I’m not happy you made me flinch.

Yes, yes, I know I’m a pretty boy. I have a handsome mane. Click. Click. Cl- Just get back in your car, please.”

copyright Trevor L Moon 2015

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